ART-A-WHIRL 20-15  

Please join us for another wonderful Art-A-Whirl! Artists being featured include Nicholas Harper (works from the All that Glitters exhibit), Micheal Thomsen, Rachel Girard, Christopher Sorenson, Rudy Fig, Tom Riggle, Sylvia Ortiz and more!

This is an open invitation. Please feel free to share this event and invite your friends.

Join the event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/362415523958039/

Friday, May 15th - 5:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 16th - Noon - 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 17th - Noon - 5:00 p.m.

While Art-A-Whirl will be enjoying it's 20th Anniversary, the Rogue Buddha is proud to say we've been open for 15 of those years!

For more info about AAW please visit: www.nemaa.org/art-a-whirl



BONES & ARROWS / SWORDS & SNAKES: Drawings of Self - Insides Out
February 15th – March 15th 2014

Venus de Mars presents drawings on archival sketchbook paper, created during 20 years of rock tours, and a trans-journey of body construct, and mind deconstruct.
Darkness and moonlight. Tits and dick. Stars and thorn.
These are fragile bits of paper memory twisted rich and tangled from a black ink ballpoint medium tip.


More about Venus:
Venus de Mars is best known as the iconic leader of the long standing Minneapolis dark-glam/trans band: "Venus de Mars & All The Pretty Horses." A band which Venus formed in the early 90's, and has continued with since.

But s/he is also known in the arts community as a performance artist. S/he is both a former McKnight Multidisciplinary Artist Support, and Bush Artist Support fellowship recipient, as well as one of the core artist from the now defunct 1980's era "Rifle Sport Alternative Art Gallery," which was formerly located on Minneapolis' infamous "E-Block."

Throughout he/r musical career and touring schedule, Venus has kept up with all he/r other art disciplines, including these many ball-point pen notebook drawings which have become a kind of life journal for he/r.

"They're kind of a collection of emotional self portraitures," s/he says of them. "The central subject is most often a trans-person. non-gender or racial specific, with imagery taken from actual life events which happened to me during the time of the drawings and I usually include dream imagery which also occurred during the same time periods."

The formality of these drawings were modeled after trips overseas when Venus came across old religious icon art in various European art museums and Church tours.
"I love the symbolism of that old art form, and thought I could bring the style into my own work. Since then, it's become a kind of style-template for me. Something to build my 2-dimensional imagery with."
These intricate and fragile ball point pen drawings have occasionally become the inspiration for Venus' large 8-foot by 10-foot oil or acrylic paintings.


January 11th – February 23rd, 2014



Raven eyed, shadowy and mysterious are the paintings of temptresses haunting the walls of Gallery 360 in the much awaited Nicholas Harper exhibition entitled, Bella Donna. Harper is known for his painterly portraits of everyday fallen angels personified in both contemporary and medieval inspired backdrops. These alluring canvases are embedded with taunting symbolism such as Latin text of provocative punk lyrics, dripping veils of jewels, and floating cathedrals in the sky. With each brushstroke Harper enlightens the viewer into the secret world of his intriguing subjects. Whatever magic elixir Harper infuses into his cocktail of pigments is sure to beguile the most discerning of audiences.




February 22nd – March 23rd 2013

The opening reception is a private/invite only event. To receive an invite, please join our email list by emailing us at roguebuddha@hotmail.com and including "subscribe" in the subject line.

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is extremely pleased to present PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE, artwork from Harper's past, present and yes, a look into his future explorations.

It's often said that there are no new ideas and that the present is a reconfiguration of what came before. This exhibit heavily features artwork Nicholas Harper created 10 to 15 years ago. This work is mostly based in surrealism, cubism and abstraction and laid the foundation for many of the techniques and compositions Harper utilizes today.

Presently, Harper is most well known for his classically based iconic portraits. His compositions are based within a magical realist perspective and highly influenced by the intentions and mysticism found within Russian and Byzantine iconography.

Looking into the future… Harper has, for the first time, begun to explore sculpture, using materials that intrigued him as a child. We won't say anything more about these or what to expect. You'll just have to see for yourself. While three or four of these sculptures will be on display in February, a full solo exhibit featuring them will be held later in the fall of 2013.



OPENING RECEPTION: To receive an invitation to the opening reception, please join the gallery email list by contacting rbuddhagallery@gmail.com

RUN OF EXHIBIT: Friday, September 7th, 2012 – Saturday, September 29th, 2012

SUBJECT:The Rogue Buddha Gallery is pleased to present Shadow Walker; a solo exhibit by Minneapolis artist Mark Wojahn.

Mark Wojahn is a filmmaker, an art dept lead and a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been active in the Twin Cities film and art scene since the early 1990's.

Mark Wojahn has momentarily turned his documentary lens toward a new series of photo paintings that he calls Doppelgängers. Born a fraternal twin, he has long been fascinated by the alter ego of a person. This manifests as he transforms photos from his archive or new images shot in his N.E. studio with multiple layers of texture and paint into rich and antiqued images of our evil twins.

Mark Wojahn is a McKnight Photography Fellow and has exhibited his artwork extensively throughout Minnesota and is widely collected. He lives and works in Minneapolis.

ALSO ON EXHIBIT:  Resident artist, Michael Thomsen, will be exhibiting a number of new pieces in the Rogue Buddha Accent Gallery.  To view more of Thomsen’s work, please click HERE.


OPENING RECEPTION: To receive an invitation to the opening reception, please join the gallery email list by contacting rbuddhagallery@gmail.com

RUN OF EXHIBIT: Friday May 18th, 2012 (ART-A-WHIRL WEEKEND) – Saturday June 16th, 2012

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is extremely pleased to present Galactic Garden Party; a solo exhibit by Minneapolis artist Rudy Fig.

The work for Galactic Garden Party reflects a happy, rococo-hearted party that is constantly swelling in the back of my mind. It is a cosmic world of high tea, fancy hats, frolicsome creatures and sugar coated space shenanigans.  It is a response to spending the last year trapped in a tiny, dark closet while I was daydreaming about magical forests, secret night-time tea parties and yearning for spring.   My inspirations for this body of work comes from the crisp stars that you can see in the middle of a summer night, big happy flowers, nebulae, delicious petit fours, and feelings of hope, wanting, and loneliness, and, as usual, the colors that keep me sane.  I process my life and experiences through all my work and these pieces are no exception.  


Rudy Fig is a 23 year old, US based, self-taught oil painter and Toy enthusiast.  With toy designers for parents, Rudy grew up in a very creative environment and excelled in the arts from a young age.  After flunking out of art school (with flying colors) she taught herself how to paint and quickly began showing her work at age 17 in her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.   Her lush oil paintings and custom toy work feature a cosmic world of candy coated vixens, magical garden tea parties, and psychological purging. Her signature pallet boasts saturated pastels and a beaming world of organized color chaos.   Despite her young age, Rudy Fig shares her work alongside many established artists in galleries across the US and beyond as well as in the private collections of her loyal patrons around the globe.  Rudy Fig is maturing into a highly collectable and exciting young artist.


EXIBITION DATES: Friday April 6th 2012 – Saturday May 5th 2012

OPENING RECEPTION: The opening reception for this exhibit is private and by invite only. To request an invitation please join the gallery email list.

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is extremely pleased to present Parables of Mutation; a solo exhibit by Minneapolis artist Luke Hillestad.

In “Parables of Mutation” Hillestad confronts the daunting nature of transformation armed with the timeless tradition of oil painting. Each work displays a visual vignette of physical and psychological change. Science tells us that mutations to our DNA are mistakes and ordinarily benign or harmful. But from ancient tales to modern legends - myth suggests that we are capable of much more.

Luke’s fascination with the transformation of empty canvas to ocular myth has become a life-long obsession. Each painting goes through many changes. Opaque paint covers alterations that are only visible as rough texture, while multiple layers of transparent oil can fashion a surface that is on the verge of glowing. A finished painting is stationary, and the best paintings are timeless - but the basis for painting is mutation. It is the process of turning crushed linseed and colored dirt into an entirely new world. Hillestad’s work fuses traditional techniques passed on through painters like Rembrandt with persistent experimentation and exploration.

Many of the characters in these paintings are alone, as transformation often occurs in isolation. Some recoil at the onset, others meet the changes head on. Some morph, seemingly paralyzed, as a moth in chrysalis, others weather a violent storm and emerge modified.

Luke Hillestad is a figurative oil painter from North Minneapolis. Before painting, he earned a music degree from the U of MN and worked for 5 years as a land surveyor. In 2006 he endeavored to become a painter. Since then his work has shown in Germany, Norway, Nashville, Chicago, and Florida and is planning exhibitions in New York and Dubai.

In May, Hillestad will move to Paris to live and work with painter Odd Nerdrum.

An artist page for Luke Hillestad is currently under construction. PLease check back in the next day or so to view more images from his upcoming exhibit.



Exhibit 1
“Lace and Gunpowder, the Male/Female Exhibit”
Opening Reception: Friday, January 13th, 6-8pm
@ Bloomington Theater & Art Center
1800 W Old Shakopee Road
Bloomington, MN 55431

Exhibit 2
“La Femme Noir”
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 14th, 7-10pm
@ Gallery 360
3011 West 5oth St (Xerxes)
Mpls, MN 55410

About the Exhibits:

“Lace and Gunpowder, the Male/Female Exhibit” features four male/female pairs of artists working in four distinct artistic genres. The purpose of the exhibit is to stimulate the audience and open them to more meaningful questions about male or female views. Typically we look at art as individual output/endeavor. In this exhibit, each pair has similarity of subject matter, theme, and art form; the pairing of both a male and female viewpoint gives rise to the unanswerable question: What are the meaningful differences and similarities of the male/female psyche?
This pairing facilitates the viewer to probe more deeply, to try to determine/unveil what can be learned when male and female artists — working in similar veins but with distinct personal artistic visions — are shown side by side.

For more info, please visit www.laceandgunpowder.com

“La Femme Noir” is Nicholas Harper’s first solo exhibit at Gallery 360.  A number of new pieces will be on display.  Many of Harper’s newer works have been inspired by the techniques and mystical symbology of ancient Russian and Byzantine Iconography.  In the fall of 2011 Harper attended an intensive workshop by the Prosopon School of Iconology in which he completed his first traditional icon.  While he has regarded iconography as a major influence for several years, this was his first opportunity to study the craft first hand.

“My passion for the representative image stems from a fascination held for iconography, Byzantine and Russian as well as the myriad connotations associated with the representative image, whether they be spiritual, political or documentative. The term “icon” is aptly loaded with symbology and meaning originally reserved for saints and church prescribed entities.  I intend to salvage these implied and historical meanings with a contemporary flair. Through this elevated approach to portraiture I intend to celebrate the monumentality of the individual, the unknown person and the common or ordinary in the hopes that we may come to see the divine in each of us.”

For more info, please visit www.gallery360mpls.com



Imaginarium: Paintings by Renata Palubinskas

EXHIBITION DATES: December 2nd, 2011 - January 6th, 2012

OPENING RECEPTION: The opening reception for this exhibit is private and by invite only. To request an invitation please join the gallery email list.

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is extremely pleased to present the artwork of Renata Palubinskas.  Renata has been a long time favorite of the RBG and IMAGINARIUM marks her first exhibit with us as well as her first exhibit in Minneapolis in over 6 years. 

Born in Lithuania, which at the time was still part of the Soviet Union, Renata received her Conservation Degree at the Kaunas Technicum of Applied Arts in Lithuania in 1989.  In 1993 she moved to the United States and currently resides in Michigan.

Renata’s paintings are imbued with multiple meanings and various intentions of the artist.  From the uncertainty of our daily lives, the dualistic nature in children and their eventual awakening to socio-political issues within her life and society at large, Renata relies on personal and universal symbols to carry out her intentions.  Originally inspired by fairy-tales, poetry and religious mythology, Renata has begun to focus largely on the internal struggles of her characters rather than their representation of good and evil which marked much of her earlier work.

Her rigorous academic training at the conservation school in Lithuania has allowed Renata to develop her own unique stylistic language. Like the old master techniques, she uses multiple layers of translucent glazes of oils, which give a great sense of depth and luminosity to each painting. Precise brush strokes are used to obtain as much detail as possible and to create a finished look to the work.

This exhibit is generously supported by The Red Stag Supper Club


Drafting Daydreams: Studies on Paper and Canvas by Rudy Fig

EXHIBIT RUNS: August 5th, 2011– September 3rd, 2011

The opening reception for this exhibit is private and by invite only. To request an invitation please join the gallery email list.

Welcome to a world of rich pop-bohemian splendor:  Rudy Fig is a 23-year-old, self-taught, Minneapolis based oil painter.  With toy designers for parents, Rudy grew up in a very creative environment and excelled in the arts from a young age.  After flunking out of art college in 2006 she taught herself how to paint and began showing her work at age 18 in her hometown of Minneapolis.  Her lush oil paintings feature a cosmic world of candy-coated vixens, magical garden tea parties and psychological purging.  Her signature pallet boasts saturated pastels and a rainbow of organized color chaos.  Despite her young age, Rudy Fig shares her work alongside many established artists in Galleries across the U.S. and beyond, as well as in the private collections of her loyal patrons around the globe. 

"This is my first exhibition that is mainly composed of drawings and preliminary work.   Some of the drawings date back as early as my high school years and some are really quite new.  It is a relatively rare look at my process work before it hits the canvas."

This exhibit is generously supported by The Red Stag Supper Club


CURIO: A Michael Thomsen Retrospective

EXHIBIT RUNS: May 20th - June 18th, 2011
Special Art-A-Whirl Hours: May 20th 5-10pm, May 21st 12-8pm & May 22nd 12-5pm.

The opening reception for this exhibit is private and by invite only. To request an invitation please join the gallery email list.

Join the Rogue Buddha Gallery in celebrating the 20-year career of sculptor and installation artist Michael Thomsen, May 20th-22nd over Art-A-Whirl Weekend and running through June 18th.

CURIO: A Michael Thomsen Retrospective will highlight Thomsen's best work from years past and will also debut a number of new pieces from the artist. A sculptor whose mixed media installations have been shown nationwide, Michael Thomsen breathes new life into old objects, manipulating them into three dimensional phantasms that call on both physical memory and abstract dreams.

The memory has as many moods as the temper and it shifts scenery like a diorama.” -George Eliot

Michael Thomsen's work is a shrine to the subconscious. Through personal dreamscapes and nostalgic familiarity, each piece forms a multi-layered narrative that, when inspected, both tricks the eye and quickens emotion. From a tarnished thimble, whose well-worn surface holds the memory of a seamstress long forgotten, to the chipped paint on an old wooden game piece discarded by a child who's since grown, lived and died. These collective found objects retain human imprints from their wear; their life force dampened but still significant.

Thomsen's physical sculptures sew his own memories and dreams together with those of strangers, creating disjointed yet synergistic time capsules from the past, present and future. These accumulated antiquities of magic and wonder are his own personal chimera; a broken code of dreams, shuffled and reconfigured. In Thomsen's work, myth, secret histories and the subliminal are merged into heirloom effigies with a collective consciousness.

Michael Thomsen is a spinner of visual yarns; a junk connoisseur with an eye for forgotten treasure. At 7 years of age Thomsen's first job was working for his grandfather, an auctioneer, who hired him to sort trunks and boxes full of trinkets and old-timey miscellanea. Slowly but surely, Thomsen began squirreling away the occasional sparkly bauble, old key or foreign coin until he amassed a cigar box full of his own unusual curios--items that have found their way into his sculptures here and there over the years. Since then, Thomsen's obsessive collecting of objects de art both large, small, broken and immaculate continues.

As self-taught artist, Michael's family roots and unusual childhood experiences are apparent in his work. In addition to the auctioneer grandfather, his grandfather on his mother's side was a clockmaker, a painter, and a violinmaker with whom Thomsen spent a lot of time growing up. His great uncle ran a carnival, which traveled up and down the coast of California in the 1970s. Thomsen's childhood recollections of these and other memories are a clearly visible influence in his work, which ranges from dark to whimsical to nostalgic and back again.

Thomsen's creative process usually begins with one solitary piece around which a story is built. Each sculpture holds a vast array of fleeting thoughts and timescapes. Found objects and items from thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, lumber yards and even dollar stores make their way into Thomsen's work; each piece fancifully manipulated to create a cohesive, yet labyrinthine whole.

View Studio

View Portfolio Sampling

This exhibit is generously supported by The Red Stag Supper Club.


EXHIBIT RUNS: March 11th - April 9th, 2011

The opening reception for this exhibit is private and by invite only. To request an invitation please join the gallery email list.

Michael Thomsen
Caitlin Karolczak
Kyle Fokken
Tom Riggle
Kurt Melancon
Gabor Tar
Nicholas Harper
Luke Hillestad
Tom Alvarado

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is pleased to present Tableaux, featuring an all-star cast of local artists.  This exhibit will feature mostly graphite and pen/ink drawings along with a few prints/mixed media works.  Known primarily for their specific techniques when exhibiting in galleries, Tableaux offers the rare chance to see these artists working in a different medium.  Often times sketches and drawings are used by many of these artists as preliminary studies which lead ultimately to the work you might find in a gallery or museum setting. 

With affordability in mind, the majority of work on display is relatively small and priced to sell. See you at the Buddha!

This exhibit is generously supported by The Red Stag Supper Club.

A New Art Exhibit Featuring Gregory J Rose and Chris Heidman
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday January 7th from 7-11pm
Featuring music by Nice Purse and DJ Danny Sigelman!
This exhibit runs through Feb 5th, 2011

Chris Heidman - Artist Statement
My paintings are part math, part neuroses, part memories and the rest aesthetic sense. I feel the only worthwhile art is purely original thought, and even though my work may contain traditional elements of abstraction and formalism, I allow my personal flaws to shine through, correcting them as I paint. I feel that my true genuine self comes through in that process. Most of my shapes have existed since my childhood, they have made appearances within drawings I have done long before I was trained, they are a cast of characters that re-occur, I keep them around like family, they have stories, although they are not human stories, they are rooted in my own personal architecture, they are my own archetypes.

Gregory J Rose - Artist Statement
My new works, consisting of both drawings and paintings, are meant to be small intimate glimpses into “living”. I hope the works read as moment(s) on “pause” while still engaged in life, as if the world was at a stand still. Yet, movement is pertinent for growth because for me, “living” is moving, falling, and getting back up!

78 rpm Summit:2
Friday December 10th, 7PM

On Friday Dec 10th join 78 RPM Record DJs for the second annual 78 RPM Summit at Rogue Buddha Gallery. Hear hot jazz, Bengali tunes, Cleveland style polka, female singers, calypso, burlesque routines, Spike Jones , Helen Humes, Annette Hanshaw and more.

Featured DJs include (in alphabetical order):
DJ Little Rock
DJ Ottomax
General Moses
Mick Novack
Mick Gunther
Mr. Gosh
Pepper Patriot
Wendy Darst

Video by:
John Akre of Sloppy Films (sloppyfilms.net)

Sponsored by:
Shuga Records
165 13th Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 455-6285

Masquerade Featuring Nicholas Harper
October 29th – November 27th.
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, October 29th from 7-11pm.

The Rogue Buddha Gallery and l'etoile magazine invite you to join us on Friday, October 29th for the opening reception for Nicholas Harper's new solo exhibition, Masquerade. Veil yourself behind a mask and mingle amidst classy gals and dapper gents while perusing Harper’s femme noir paintings under dimmed lights and the glow of candles. Decadent costumes and secret identities are encouraged!

Harpers haunting portraits offer a glimpse into the human psyche of desire and denial, aspiration and solitude. Alluring heads perched high atop elongated necks mark the divine within us all and our potential for enlightenment while gnarled hands and disembodied arms signify earthly realms and the wish for something more. Ornate backgrounds speak of the past and what once was while darkened eyes beg questions of the soul.

Likened to Byzantine and Russian Icons of the past, Harper aims to reach for more in his work than ornamentation, rather, choosing that they be points of reflection and central to ones every day life.

A number of new paintings will be displayed along with a few older favorites.

Supported by l'etoile magazine and the Minnesota Opera's young patron's group, Tempo.

Music provided by Danny Sigelman

Bonus: Extend your Halloween weekend Saturday night at the Minnesota Opera for the opening night of Cinderella, followed by a Masquerade Ball with Tempo and l'etoile at Sakura Restaurant. For special rate tickets and more info visit www.letoilemagazine.blogspot.com


Jon Langford and Mark Davison
October 1st – October 22nd.
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, October 1st from 7-11pm.

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is very excited to announce our next exhibit which opens Friday October 1st, featuring gallery regular Jon Langford and for the first time at the Buddha, Mark Davison.

Jon Langford’s career has spanned 30 years beginning in Leeds in 1978 with his band the Mekon’s. While touring the United States Jon became enamored with the country music scene and jumped in headfirst.  It was at this time that he began painting again.  Influenced by the vintage posters he saw in Nashville, Jon began painting these Country Music stars presenting them warts and all. The work presents how modern country music abandoned its soul for the masses.

Jon will be in attendance at a special after party on Thursday, October 14th following his music performance at the Cedar Cultural Center.

Mark Davison’s exquisite clay sculptures present us with a haunting peek into life, death and rebirth while giving a nod to ancient mythologies.  Using discarded objects as molds, Davison breaths new life and meaning into what otherwise would be overlooked and or forgotten.  Mark will be in attendance at the opening.

Please Join us this Friday for the opening reception.  The exhibit runs through October 22nd.

ART VOTES: Opening Friday, July 30th @ 7pm

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is hosting a three-day pop-up art exhibition opening Friday, July 30th and running through Sunday, August 1st. The exhibit will feature work by local artists themed around a positive message about voting. Additionally, the exhibit will be judged by a committee of local art experts, and the winning work will be reproduced as free, limited-run posters.

The opening reception will be hosted by Entenza running mate, artist, arts advocate and former gallery owner, Robyne Robinson!

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday June 25th, 7pm
EXHIBITION RUNS: June 25th - July 25th, 2010
FEATURING: Thom deVita, Nick Bubash, John Wyatt

Proving that flesh art is no flash-in-the-pan, influential tattooists Thom deVita, Nick Bubash, and John Wyatt return triumphantly to the Rogue Buddha Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis for their second show. Featuring new and unseen works by three of the artists responsible for igniting the “tattoo renaissance” in America, these images and assemblages re-define taboo and tradition, forging a modern language that straddles both artistic and cultural divides. Melding technique with tribal, institution with icon, and the painterly with the primitive, each image stands in tribute to the process of reinvention and the power of each artist’s personal vision.

Described by his contemporaries as “a magician who has changed the way we see”, Thom deVita’s montages combine recovered findings from our world with the personal myths of his imagined one. John Wyatt’s austere photographs of tattooed and tattooer invite viewers to behold the narrative contained in flesh and film alike while self-proclaimed extremist Nick Bubash’s rich assemblages and sculptures, deeply influenced by world cultures and religions, teeter precariously (but not preciously) at the intersection of identity and origin.

Since first showing at the Rogue Buddha Gallery in 2005 all of the artists careers have blossomed on a grand scale. Their work has been included in exhibits at Old Dominion University Gallery, Mesa Contemporary Art, and will be exhibited in there own 3-man show at the Andy Warhol Museum in may of 2011.

About Under Our Skin by the Warhol Musuem

The world of Thom deVita is a rare place where inked lines, tantric visions and mythologies based in urban legend and pure whimsy converge. As the forefather of modern-day tattooing, deVita created an entire way of life in his tattoo shop in New York’s Alphabet City in the 60s and 70s, and while he inked clients from a variety of backgrounds and leanings, he so too created memorable works of art that titillate in their strange subject matter and at times haunting auras.

Nick Bubash, one of deVita’s students, and now a talented tattoo artist in his own right, learned not only the skills of the tattoo needle while working under deVita, but also picked up a strong skill-set in terms of making art. Bubash’s multi-layered collages and paintings cull heavily from his long tattooing career, becoming visual playgrounds that bring together elements of actual tattoos that he has inked with formal patterns and arrangements influenced from his world travels. To say that Bubash’s works of art are complex is an understatement; one simply need stand before them to realize that the layers of his collages mimic the layers of skin and personal histories that his tattoos have penetrated.

John Wyatt’s photographs are striking portraits of a number of tattoo aficionados around the country who are either fully inked, or close to it. We see these intriguing figures in their home environments, alone at times, or with lovers or close friends in others. Their monochrome palette allows the viewer to see past the bright colors surely involved in the subjects’ actual tattoos, luring the eye into the subjects’ faces and personas. Wyatt’s intimate pictures tell a personal story, no doubt tinged with a hard edge or unbelievable tale in each case.

All told, the works in this exhibition tell a tale that plays out on the flesh of a nation, day in and day out. Each artist plugs into the long history of tattooing and tattoo-based art, making it all the richer thanks to his creative juice, mighty
ink gun, and dedication to the field.

Eric Shiner
The Milton Fine Curator of Art
Warhol Musuem

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday May 14th, 7pm
EXHIBITION RUNS: May 14th - June 12th, 2010
FEATURING: Michael Thomsen & Caitlin Karolczak


Caitlin Karolczak incorporates painting techniques from many eras both classical and modern, intertwining meticulously detailed renderings of found images with abstract backgrounds, collages, and other unfinished representational details.

Often times drawing source imagery from her collection of vintage medical images, Karolczak explores a number of themes that are connected to the fragility of the human mind and body.

“My paintings wrestle with this intersection of beauty and distress. In turn attempting to confront the viewer with a sensation of both the unconventional and human commonality.”

Michael Thomsen is a self-taught assemblage artist whose amalgamations of found objects, fabricated structures and painting lend themselves to narrative dreamscapes.

Although artifacts of Thomsen’s childhood, many of the objects and ideas in his work are recognizable to most and act to signify memories that are as unique as they are universal.

“As the viewer telescopes into and away from the pieces, layers of narrative are revealed and obscured.  This relationship with objects is something particularly relevant to us as a result of industrialization.  The possibilities of mass production allow for a mass cultural nostalgia.”

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday April 2nd, 7pm
EXHIBITION RUNS: April 2nd - May 1st, 2010
FEATURING: Tynan Kerr and Andie Mazorol

The Rogue Buddha Gallery and mplsart.com are pleased to present Patterns Plants & Animals; an exhibit by collaborative artists TYNAN KERR and ANDIE MAZOROL.
As a pair working collaboratively, Kerr and Mazorol base the characters that populate their work on portraits found in history. Histories of both monumental and forgettable moments that combine to create a new narrative of uncertain origin. This new cast of characters works to create an undefined sense of familiarity with the viewer, peppered with mysticism, half-made utopias and a mystery of meaning. 

Working together, the process for completion of the work has itself become an art for these two. Using simplified color palettes and materials the artists limit distraction in the spaces they create, allowing them to approach fundamental elements of painting directly, moving at times very fast and at times very slow. Negotiation, cooperation and sabotage lead to paintings which are nudged in certain directions but ultimately take a form of their own. Kerr and Mazorol complete their paintings as you would imagine a lengthy, intimate conversation between two people closely connected. As stated by the artists, the “paintings seem to arrive through accidental intersections of our intentions.” 

Recently awarded the 2009 – 2010 Jerome Fellowship for Emerging Artists, Tynan Kerr and Andie Mazorol have received notable recognition over the past two years through participation in successful group shows at Sellout Gallery, The Gallery at Fox Tax and Art of This Gallery. Kerr and Mazorol were included in the 2nd Annual Monster Drawing Rally Benefit for Midway Contemporary Art. In conjunction with Art-A-Whirl 2009 they completed a commissioned mural on the exterior of the 331 Club at 13th and University NE, in the heart of the Northeast Arts District.

A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Tynan Kerr received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2007. Andie Mazorol received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota in 2006. 

Tatsuya Nakatani w/ Adam Linz and Chris Bates

Saturday, April 3, 2010
7:30pm - 10:30pm

Solo percussion and two double basses. Improvisation. Risk vs. Reward.

Tatsuya is on his 4th cross country tour playing and collaborating with everyone he can in the spirit of UNITY and Fellowship among peoples of all walks of life.

Thursday March 4th, 2009
7-9pm, free

Featuring: James Cihlar, Adam Clay, Chloe Joan Lopez, Bronwen Tate, and Elizabeth Workman. You won't want to miss this one--trust us.

For More Information: www.pocketlab.blogspot.com or contact mc.hyland@gmail.com

Writer bios:
James Cihlar’s book of poems, Undoing, was published by Little Pear Press of Seekonk, MA, in 2008. His poems have appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly, Quercus, Bloom, Minnesota Monthly, The James White Review, Briar Cliff Review, Verse Daily, and in the anthologies Aunties (Ballantine 2004), Regrets Only (Little Pear Press), and Nebraska Presence (Backwaters Press). The recipient of a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship for Poetry and a Glenna Luschei Award from Prairie Schooner, Cihlar lives in St. Paul.

Adam Clay is the author of The Wash. His second book, A Hotel Lobby at the Edge of the World, is forthcoming from Milkweed Editions. He co-edits Typo Magazine, curates the Poets in Print Reading Series at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center, and teaches at Western Michigan University.

Originally from New Mexico, Chloe Joan Lopez holds an A.B. in physics from Harvard University and an M.A. from the Writing Seminars at The Johns Hopkins University. She was the winner of the 2009 Red Hen Press Ruskin Art Club Poetry Award, a finalist for the 2006-2007 Writing Fellowship from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and the 2008 Andres Montoya First Book Prize, and was recognized in 2006 by the Artist's Grant program of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Her work has appeared in Los Angeles Review, can we have our ball back?, Spoon River Poetry Review, Mississippi Review, and other journals, and a chapbook, Quodlibet, is now available from New Michigan Press. She lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Bronwen Tate is the author of the chapbooks Souvenirs (Dusie 2007), Like the Native Tongue the Vanquished (Cannibal Books 2008) and Scaffolding (Dusie 2009). She is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at Stanford University, where she edits Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism and Translation. She blogs about cooking and knitting at Bread and Jam for Frances.

Through the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Elisabeth Workman has served as a poet-in-residence, conducting workshops in schools throughout rural Pennsylvania. More recently, she taught writing and rhetoric to international students in the Middle East. Her work has appeared in fourW, Absent, Abraham Lincoln, diode, GlitterPony, and West Wind Review, among others. Her chapbooks include a city_a cloud, Opolis, and the forthcoming Maybe Malibu, Maybe Beowulf. She's the recipient of a 2009 Jerome Emerging Writer Award, and a 2010 MSAB Artist Initiative Grant.

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday February 5th, 7pm
EXHIBITION RUNS: Feb 5th - Feb 14th, 2010
FEATURING: RM Hanson and Karen O'Bryan

Please join us for a special closing reception on Valentines Day (Sunday Feb 14th). The closing event is entitled Paper Hearts and is brought to you by L'ETOILE.

Karen O'Bryan and RM Hanson share something other than being a couple, they share a creative spirit. Hanson's monsters and grotesque images compliment O'Bryan's subtle and delicate imagery in this, their first exhibit together. "Till Death Do Us Part", which takes place during the month of love, celebrates the many facets of relationships, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, but most importantly, the creative.

R. M. Hanson Artist Statement:
Imagine you are watching two beautiful, love-struck twenty-somethings run hand in hand along the seaside at sunset. Their giggles drift over the soft breeze while they gaze adoringly into each other’s eyes, knowing there is no one else in this world they are supposed to be with. They are in perfect love. All of a sudden, they are overtaken by an enormous, mucus-covered, multi-eyed, snarling beast and torn, violently, limb from limb in a hideous cyclone of fangs and tentacles. The shore is stained crimson. Entrails, brain matter and eyeballs litter the spattered, gore encrusted sand. This scenario is the inspiration for my work.

Karen O’Bryan Artist Statement:
Inspiration comes from everywhere. The town you grew up in, an expedition abroad, from friends and loved ones, even the subconscious. I have always been very interested in dreams, dream analysis and remembering bizarre events from adventures had inside the mind.

Not only am I interested in the scenes my own mind creates each night, I love hearing other people's dreams as well. Recently, a friend of mine told me he dreamt we were at a costume party together. He was dressed as a lion, but he couldn't remember what I went as.

From his short story, I imagined what this costume party could've looked like, and my work quickly evolved into depicting images of people in masks. I have been using the underlining plot in his dream as my canvas to expand upon, embellishing it with experiences and dreams of my own.

Sponsored By sponsored by scion



Thursday November 5th, 2009
7-9pm, free

Featuring: Poets Brian Laidlaw, Rachel Moritz, Matt Rasmussen and Playwright Kristoffer Diaz

For More Information: www.pocketlab.blogspot.com or contact mc.hyland@gmail.com

Writer bios:
Kristoffer Diaz is a 2009-2010 Jerome Playwriting Fellow. His play The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity had its world premiere at Chicago’s Victory Gardens Theater in September, and will be produced here in Minneapolis by Mixed Blood in April.

Brian Laidlaw is a poet and songwriter from San Francisco.  After several years of touring and rambling, he is currently working toward an M.F.A. in poetry at the University of Minnesota.

Rachel Moritz is the author of two poetry chapbooks, Night-Sea (2008) and The Winchester Monologues (2005), both from New Michigan Press. Her poems have been published in American Letters and Commentary, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, HOW2, Indiana Review, 26, typo, and Verse Daily. Among her awards are a 2008 SASE/Jerome grant, and a 2005 fellowship from the Minnesota State Arts Board. She edits poetry for Konundrum Literary Engine Review and publishes WinteRed Press, a Minneapolis-based micropress of innovative poetry.

Matt Rasmussen’s poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Gulf Coast, Cimarron Review, Mid American Review, MARGIE, New York Quarterly, Natural Bridge, Dislocate, and Water~Stone Review. He is currently a Bush Artist Fellow and has received grants and residencies from the Jerome Foundation, SASE, The Corporation of Yaddo, and The Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN. His chapbook, Fingergun, was published in 2006 by Kitchen Press.

Dara Wier & Ed Sanders

Wednesday, October 28, 7:30 pm

Please join us as two landmark poets, Dara Wier and Ed Sanders, celebrate the release of their new collections of Selected Poems with a visit to the Twin Cities! This event is FREE and open to the public.

FRIDAY, OCT. 16th  8:00-9:30 pm
FREE ADMISSISION (Donation appreciated)

Visit our website for more information: http://mnshorts.vpweb.com

OUT OF THE PIT : The Artwork of Ivan Fortushniak
OPENING: Friday, October 9th @ 7-11 pm 2009
EXHIBIT RUNS: Oct 9th - Nov 14th, 2009

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is pleased to exhibit for the second time, Pennsylvania artist, Ivan Fortushniak.

Through nostalgic appeal and a display of formal depth, Fortushniak uses combinations of traditional and nontraditional painting techniques to illustrate the transformation of one questioning and struggling to comprehend the three big questions we all ask; Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?

Influenced by the superficiality of pop culture and theories of evolution, Fortushniak displays the negative effects of a pluralistic culture within his portraits, which often times feature pop icons.

Re-contextualized elements found in Fortushniak’s landscapes such as smokestacks, water towers and airplanes speak of the timelessness for the concerns of the heart and the soul.

Having developed a sense of truth, meaning and purpose for himself, and unhindered by the countless ideas which culture presents, Fortushniak no longer struggles with what to paint or communicate but rather how to communicate what he believes to be Truth.

THE BEAUTIFULLY GROTESQUE: The Artwork of Sylvia Ortiz
OPENING: Friday August 14th @ 7-11 pm 2009
EXHIBIT RUNS: Aug 14th - Sept 12th, 2009

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is pleased to exhibit Maryland artist, Sylvia Ortiz this August.

Through vibrant colors, dynamic lines and disfigured female forms, Ortiz illustrates the objectification of women. 

Drawing from personal experiences, Ortiz’s work explores the duality of beauty and the grotesque, the inner identity versus the exterior visible self.

Her candy like paintings draw the viewer into a place where they are allowed to witness the inner conflicts which reside within our very own humanity.

The Beautifully Grotesque explores the many ways to visually describe what many women endure emotionally, physically, spiritually and the social standards that have been set for them.” –Sylvia Ortiz


Thursday, AUGUST 20TH
Doors at 8:30pm
Hildur Victoria plays AT 9pm, Netherfriends at 9:45pm.



Michael Thomsen, Mixed media wall sculpture
Kyle Fokken, Mixed media sculpture
Nicholas Harper, Painting

Presented by:

As the Rogue Buddha Gallery celebrates its 10th year of business, we are proud to exhibit three artists whose artwork captures the spirit of the RBG and whose artistic maturity, not unlike the Rogue Buddha itself, has come to fruition. 

Thomsen’s altar-like wall sculptures literally beg the viewer for attention.  A conglomeration of found objects, toys, signs and various other media demand the viewer to become intimate with each piece by following its surreal narrative.  Reminiscent of carnival midways and secret hidden rooms, each piece captivates and challenges at the same time.

Inspired by antique toys, Kyle Fokken uses found object and rough construction materials to create his unique visionary sculptures.  The objects he chooses to build with are not used based on their original form but rather for how they can be manipulated in order to fulfill Fokken’s final vision through a metamorphosis of form and content.

Known mostly for his iconographic portraits of women with long necks and disfigured limbs, Harper aims to challenge the viewers perception of beauty and humanness. Through exploring individual psyche, he hopes to transcend merely capturing the portrait of the sitter, but rather, exposing the psychological and spiritual aspects of the subject through distortion, atmosphere and Harper’s personal symbolism. In an attempt to capture the tension Harper believes to exist in humans today, he strives to present the subject in both divine and worldly aspects focusing on everyday people and not the preordained “holy” people of history.

You are invited to a CD release concert by:
George Cartwright- saxophones
Adam Linz- bass
Alden Ikeda - drums
Andrew Broder- guitar

Thursday May 28
8:00 pm
Donation $5 suggested


RINGTONE by Alan Berks
April 30, May 1 & 2, 8 pm
Tickets only $5-10. Call for reservations 612-886-2868. (Space is limited to 40-50/night.)

Created collaboratively with and starring Katie Kaufmann, Lindsay Marcy, Ben McGinley, Matt Sciple, Anna Sundberg, and Adam Whisner. With sound design and music by Mike Hallenbeck.

Please join us for this work-in-progress about how technology is drawing us together and keeping us apart. ONLY THREE PERFORMANCES AND VERY LIMITED SEATING.

It's a site-specific play with movement. Or a hodge-podge of dramatic event with cell phones and televisions and a dj. Or a funny new work with six actors in search of their identities in an art gallery even when they can't get their cell phones to stop ringing.

Video trailer at http://vimeo.com/4207808

Installation Five presented by Scion
OPENING: Friday, April 3rd, 2009, 7-11pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: April 3rd - April 25th

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is pleased to present Installation 5 presented by Scion. The program is designed to give exposure to both established and emerging artists. Installation 5: Self Portraits highlights a diverse array of artists from around the world and will visit nine cities including Miami, New York, Portland, Minneapolis, San Jose, and Los Angeles. For the first time, the tour will pass through the Detroit, Phoenix and Washington D.C. markets.

This year each artist was asked to create his or her literal, or non-literal interpretation of the theme 'Self-Portraits'. Video art will be included for the first time in the tour's five-year history, alongside painting and photography.

The final tour stop will be at Scion's own 4,200 square foot Installation L.A. gallery space where all artwork will be auctioned off to the public, and 100 percent of the proceeds will go toward art-related charities and non-profits. Last year's Installation 4 tour raised over $50,000 on behalf of Art From Scrap, an organization encouraging creative expression in the arts and promoting a greater understanding of environmental issues. Over the last four years Scion's Installation tour has raised more than $190,000 for art-related non-profit organizations.

Attending Artists: Codak, David O'Brian, Eye One and J. Shea

Music provided by DJs Jonathan Ackerman and Millions Billion

Painting: AJ Fosik, Alex Hornest, Andrew Schoultz, Asylm, Blek le Rat, Codak, David Choe, David O'Brien, Edwin Ushiro, Francesco LoCastro, French, J. Shea, Jeff Soto, Kelsey Brookes, Kofie, Lisa Alisa, Mark Mothersbaugh, Nicholas Harper, Patrick Martinez, Rob Abeyta Jr., Ron English, Sage Vaughn, Skypage, Souther Salazar, Stormie Mills, Tessar Lo, Todd Tourso, Usugrow, Will Barras, Yoskay Yamamoto
Photography: Angela Boatwright, Christina M. Felice, Eriberto Oriol, Eye One, Jamel Shabazz, Logan Hicks, Peter Beste, RETNA, Rick Rodney, Saber, Too Tall Jahmal
Video Art: El Yem, Ian Lynam, Peter Glover, Something In The Universe


Transcendental Biology  
presented by 
The April Sellers Dance Collective 
Featuring live performance from The April Sellers Dance Collective with a gallery exhibition by Mark Bautch
March 20 – 27th, 2009  @ 8:00pm
$10.00 dollars at the door

Seating is limited to 25 seats a night and audiences are encouraged to make reservations.  
Email reservation to aprilsellersdc@gmail.com

Please not special gallery hours for March
March 20th, 21st 3-8pm
March 25th, 26th 12-4pm
March 27th 3-8pm

Sage Dance Award winner for "Outstanding Performance Choreographer" April Sellers is known largely for her dances exploring the female form through nudity and for performing in a variety of nontraditional spaces—including a series of indoor/outdoor dance events at her home. After 6 years of working with nudity in a variety of contexts, Sellers started to grow obsessive about visualizing the inside of her body.

Over the next few months, she turned to visual artist Marc DeBauch and began the process of painting on her body.  What resulted is a performance event that, she says, has broken new ground for her artistry and revitalized her commitment to dance.

Transcendental Biology is a self-portrait from the inside out.  It's about the human ability to experience and change.  

“When I paint on one of April’s dancers it’s not just body painting, it’s as if the painting and the dancer become an entirely new art form. It’s an incredible rush to see a dancer breathe life into something I have painted on their body. A heart painted on body of a moving dancer literally becomes a beating heart,” says Bautch of the collaboration.



Join Secrets of the City, Jazz88, Prairie Vodka, UV Vodka, and The Rogue Buddha Gallery for this special edition of Gallery Grooves, a monthly jazz, art and wine party. The Gallery Grooves reception (7-9pm) will be followed by the iQuit Music Series (9pm).

Thursday, February 19th
7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Gallery Grooves Reception w/ Artists
9 p.m. iQuit Music Series
Set One: Stew Frog and Dean Granros on guitars, Scott Fultz on woodwinds and Steve Goldstein on laptop
Set Two: James Buckley Trio; James Buckley, bass/composer with Bryan Nichols, keys and JT Bates on drums

About iQuit Music Series:
The iQuit: Experimental Music Happenings present music that draws on the diverse styles and influences of the makers of electronic, electro-acoustic, jazz, free, avant garde, and experimental music. The Rogue Buddha Gallery provides an ideal place where musicians can explore concepts of originality and spontaneity. iQuit offers Thursday early evening performances featuring two sets of music from often differing styles/concepts.

About the Exhibit:
The Rogue Buddha celebrates its 10-year anniversary the best way it knows how: with a dark and disturbing art exhibit. Eat Your Heart Out features the grotesquely sensuous sculpture work of Roxanne Jackson, who bastardizes man and beast in a deliciously twisted display of ceramic lust and gore. Also featured is the portrait work of local artist Kurt Melancon, whose delightfully eerie paintings banter with history and odd humor. ---- Kate Iverson


Eat Your Heart Out                                                                                          Featuring: Roxanne Jackson and Kurt Melancon

OPENING: Friday, January 23rd, 7pm – 11pm, 2009
EXHIBIT RUNS: Jan. 23rd - Feb. 28th, 2009

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is extremely pleased to open its 10th year of business with an exceptional exhibit featuring Roxanne Jackson and Kurt Melancon

While differing in medium and subject matter, the intention of each artist can be found rooted in self-exploration and the truths that lie beneath the surface.   Each artist uniquely explores the human condition while exalting the craftsmanship so often lacking in today’s art world.

Roxanne Jackson explores the dualities of human nature through her often-grotesque yet beautiful sculptures.  Through the depiction of hybrid animal and human forms, she calls attention to the darker side of humanity while recognizing humanness and dignity.  Her choice of materials and subject matter reveal a personal symbolism that encompasses spiritual maturation, contemporary society and personal transformation.

Kurt Melancon reaches into a deep bloodline of craftsmanship through his rich use of oil painting techniques that lend themselves to a past era of portrait painting.  By looking at the lives and struggles of the past, Melancon hopes to better document the struggles of the present.  His portraits of historical figures are used as allegory to explore the human condition, the lengths to which we reach for something greater and to rediscover long-forgotten questions.  While lending no answers himself, Melancon’s work is offered as a starting point for each of us to discover the truths that history has to share.

We hope you and your friends can join us for this extraordinary exhibition.  And have a Happy New Year!





The influence of modern roller Derby in art


OPENING: Friday, Dec. 12th @ 7pm – 11pm, 2008
EXHIBIT RUNS: Dec. 12th - Dec 30th, 2008

North Star Roller Girls Play Nice, Host Benefit
An activity already popular among certain scenes of fierce females, the extreme sport of roller derby is thrust once again into the spotlight—only this time taking over the two-dimensional arena, with an upcoming art show and sale on December 12th, 2008 to benefit local derby dames the North Star Roller Girls. The all-female, skater-owned league is teaming up with the nationally-known Rogue Buddha Gallery to put on an open-call group exhibition featuring artwork of, by and for those dedicated (or addicted) to derby.

The show will also feature work by artists Nick Alley (Printmaking), Kali Ciesemier (Design/Illustration), Jon Langford (Painting), and Danielle Spradling (Printmaking) along with numerous artists to be included. This exhibition is curated by Kevin Quandt in conjunction with the North Star Roller Girls.    

Sponsored by Scion    

sponsored by scion


Van Brabson Gallery Presents it’s Bridge Art Fair Artists
OPENING: Friday, November 28th @ 7pm – 11pm, 2008
EXHIBIT RUNS: 3 Days Only, November 28, 29 & 30th, 2008

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is pleased to present a selection of Minneapolis artists being represented at Bridge Art Fair during Art Basel this December by Van Brabson Gallery.

This three day event will feature work by the following: Samuel Bjorgum, Bonnie J. Brabson, Kyle Fokken, Nicholas Harper, John Eric Hawkins, Rebecca Lawson, Brian Mark, David Monson, Gregory J. Rose and Sean Smuda.

Following its enormous critical and commercial successes in 2006 and 2007, Bridge is pleased to announce our third installment in Miami Beach. Held at both the Catalina and Maxine Hotels, Bridge Miami leads the South Beach satellite art market, located a mere two blocks from Art Basel. Visitors can browse nearly 80 rooms of the freshest and most innovative works in international emerging and contemporary art. Arguably the largest convergence of contemporary art and design takes place during Art Basel Miami in this annual, star-studded, citywide celebration of new art internationalism. Consistently a muscular destination market, Miami shows absolutely no signs of stopping, and continues to astound as far and beyond the top-performing art-fair circuit in the United States.

Friday – Sunday 3-8pm


Saturday November 29th and Sunday November 30th 12pm -3pm
Featuring hand crochet and knitted afghans, scarves, leg warmers, wash cloths and more by Louise Johnson
Free and open to the public


BRIAN MARK: Haunted by Grace, Works in Acid on Stainless Steel
OPENING: Friday October 3rd @ 7-11 pm 2008
EXHIBIT RUNS: October 3rd - November 15th, 2008

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is pleased to present a selection of Central American works by  Brian Mark.

Known for his magnificent bronze and stone sculptures which can be viewed in such places as the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., the Vatican and around the world, Brian Mark has created a new medium through his use of acid on stainless steel.

Mark creates images using a multi-layered effect. Depending on the viewer’s angle and light source, each piece reveals its different elements–much like a hologram or ghost. To create this effect, Mark applies various acids on stainless steel and carefully heats or cools them to create color and enhance the ground-in images with blowtorches or dry ice. He then electro-plates gold and silver metals to create his ghostly images.

This process is time consuming and temperamental and understandably why no one else in the world is using this technique in the making of fine art.

The selected works are beautiful definitions of grace from different series of Brian Marks, Balance, Muses and Shed Light. Together you will see his ghostly images uncover a unifying message which dignifies the human experience.

"Through my work I strive to dignify the human experience—sometimes up and other times down—but through truth one obtains beauty."

* An online gallery of this exhibit will be available soon.



Yuri Arajs: Reclaimed Memory
OPENING: Friday June 20th @ 7-11 pm 2008
EXHIBIT RUNS: June 20th - July 27h, 2008

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is excited to present the solo work of Yuri Arajs.  This exhibit marks his last solo show in Minneapolis before taking leave for Canada, his native country.

This exhibit features a new series of found photograph/found mixed media works.

Many may know Yuri Arajs for his work in the Minneapolis art community via his gallery Outsiders and Others along with numerous independently curated exhibits centered around outsider artists and artists with disabilities. 


I’ve been collecting old photographs for many years. I have found them at estate sales, garage sales and in the trash. It amazes me that people dispose of things like this. We record our and others histories only to have them discarded. Why?

Each one of the pieces in the Reclaimed Memory Series is unique in that it was created without anything else in mind but the photograph. The photo had a story to tell me, I listened to it and what came back was my own version of a memory that is not mine. But I have now reclaimed these memories as my own and this is what they look like.

The use of found materials, beyond the photographs, also plays an important role in these works. Found materials have a history and an aesthetic that I don’t feel I can reproduce or create. The paper, the marks I make, the objects introduced, and finally the found frame, all add additional information to the narrative of each piece.

Forward by Robyne Robinson:

Can a discarded life become a subconscious memory? The visual images Yuri Arajs has created in this latest body of work are proof of that link. Each piece is a time capsule of places, cultural identity and psychological perspectives -- imprints that span a multitude of consciousness.

"Reclaimed Memories" is an evolution in Arajs' work away from the solitary, insular landscapes that reject cathartic emotion and leaping straighforward into those feelings and experiences that are intensely powerful to us. They are reconstituted memories we long to hold onto, as we move into the twilight of our lives -- an exploration of our shared human existence.

Online exhibit at: reclaimed-memories.blogspot.com


Thomas Masters Solo Exhibition
OPENING: Friday May 9th @ 7-11 pm 2008
EXHIBIT RUNS: May 9th - June 15th, 2008

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is pleased to present Thomas Masters for the first time in Minnesota.  A Chicago based artist who’s extensive exhibition history speaks volumes to his commitment to artistic expressiveness, Masters will exhibit a number of ink on paper drawings as well as original acrylic paintings.  

Drawing from 13th century Japanese “sumi-e” traditions, Masters begins with a meditation in which the outcome of its final moments presents itself often in a single gesture on paper. This gesture marks the conclusion of the meditation and affirms the process of creation as expression.


I am a painter of landscapes. The landscapes are not based on any real places. They are always purely from my imagination. Like an abstract expressionist, I approach the canvas without drawings or predetermined destination. My goal is to capture essence and harmony. I am not interested in depicting a mountain range, a valley or a stream as it actually appears. Rather, I wish to reveal how one might feel upon viewing those elements of nature. I believe that our entire world- every vista, every lake, every mountain-is imprinted on our collective soul. If I can reach that "collective" space within myself, I know that I will reach that same space in others. And in doing so I hope to reveal a connection to the nature that will somehow allow us to see our world as a place of possibility, hope and beauty.


Scion Presents the Fourth Installment of its National Art Tour - INSTALLATION 4: It's A Beautiful World
OPENING: Friday April 4th @ 7-11 pm 2008
EXHIBIT RUNS: April 4th - April. 19th, 2008

This July, Scion commences the fourth installment of the innovative Scion Installation Art Tour entitled: 'It's A Beautiful World.' The theme; "It's a Beautiful World" was interpreted by each artist, in one of four mediums— painting, photography, sculpture, and collage. This year's Installation tour will visit nine cities and feature a diverse array of artists from around the world.

This year's artists include: Andrew Pommier, Andy Mueller, Angela Boatwright, Blaine Fontana, Blek LeRat, Books llll, Caia Koopman, Chris Yormick, Cody Hudson, Dalek, David Choe, Eye One, Francesco LoCastro, Freddi C, J. Shea, James Jean, Jeff Soto, Joshua Krause, Kelsey Brookes, Kenton Parker, Kofie, Mel Kadel, Michael Sieben, Mike Giant, Rammellzee, RETNA, R. Grimes, Ron English, Sam Flores, Sage Vaughn, Skwerm, Tim McCormick, Travis Millard and more.

Launched in 2003, Scion Installation is a revolutionary art tour affirming Scion's ongoing commitment to supporting independent artistic expression and featuring work from an unprecedented collective of contemporary artists. Previous participants have included: Andre from Paris, Gary Baseman, Mr Cartoon, Crash, Daim, Daze, Blaine Fontana, Sam Flores, Friendswithyou, Futura, Mike Giant, Justin Hampton, Krush, Mear One, Ricky Powell, Persue, Revok, Retna, Rostarr, Saber, Kenny Scharf, Seak, StayHigh 149, Wearesupervision, and more. The program is designed to give exposure to both established and emerging artists.

For four years the tour has evolved, and each year the medium with which the artists showcase their work changes. The first year featured Scion xB panels and xA sculptures, while the second year presented art on three foot by eight foot wood panels. Each artist's unique style was introduced on three-foot long polyurethane Scion tC sculptures for the third tour.
For more information on the tour, the artists, the artwork and details from past tours please visit: www.scion.com/installation

About Scion:
Scion, from Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., was developed with a new generation of youthful buyers in mind. Scion's mission is to provide distinctive products, the opportunity to personalize, and an innovative, consumer-driven process at the retail level. The Scion brand features three ground-breaking models. The xD is an urban subcompact five-door, featuring a muscular stance and accentuated wheel flares. The xB, an urban utility vehicle, combines remarkable interior space with iconic styling. And the tC sports coupe surprises the buyer with the convenience of a hatchback and the luxury of a standard all-glass panorama moonroof, complementing the usual wide array of features on all Scions. For more information, visit www.scion.com


OPENING: Friday March 28th @ 10 pm 2008
EXHIBIT RUNS: March 28th - March 30th, 3 days only

SPECIAL HOURS: Friday 12-5pm and 10pm - 1am, Saturday 12-5pm and Sunday 3-8pm

Jon Langford

The Rogue Buddha Gallery welcomes back Jon Langford and Rico Bell for a special exhibition of their latest works. Both of these talented artists have carved out a nitch for themselves producing paintings glorifying the old west and modern country legends.

This exhibit is being presented in conjunction with the Mekons performance at the Fitzgerald Theater. They will perform music from their 30-year music career as part of 89.3 The Current’s Fakebook program. The opening opens at 10:00pm follow the performance.




December 6th - 9th, 2007

Art Now Fair

View the Exhibit

OPENING: Friday November 16th @ 7-11 pm 2007
EXHIBIT RUNS: Nov 16th - Jan. 6th, 2008

Nicholas Harper has gained national notoriety for his award winning paintings and gallery, being featured in numerous local, national and international publications including CNN where he was named as an artist to watch and most recently, GQ Magazine.  

In this memorable and sophisticated body of work, Harper builds upon classical portraiture through his unique style in which he combines realism with fantasy and atmospheric or darkly rich backgrounds in an aim to celebrate the divine and worldly aspects of the individual while exploring the tension inherent in our daily lives. 

While seemingly bizarre on the surface, Harper’s artwork never fails to elicit a reaction – be it visceral, intellectual, or something in between – from its viewers, who speak of its “emotional texture,” “warmth coming through the dark,” and “simultaneous alienation and accessibility.”

His works are arresting because they pull from celebrated artistic themes and techniques while forging a new style of discourse under the guise of haunting beauty.

Harper states, “Through my personal symbolism, I wish each painting to be as the Byzantine and Russian icons were, objects of meditation and inner reflection for the viewer as well as adding beauty to the environment and connecting us to something bigger than ourselves.”

An icon is an image, picture, or representation; it is a sign or likeness that stands for an object by signifying or representing it; an image or depiction that represents something else of greater significance thru literal or figurative meaning, usually associated with religious, cultural, political, and economic standing.

Harper’s current body of work represents his ambition to make the icon relevant for today’s contemporary audience.  Through exploring individual psyche, he hopes to transcend merely capturing the portrait of the sitter, but rather, exposing the psychological and spiritual aspects of the subject through distortion, atmosphere and Harper’s personal symbolism.  In an attempt to capture the tension Harper believes to exist in humans today, he strives to present the subject in both divine and worldly aspects focusing on everyday people and not the preordained “holy” people of history.

“When looked upon from an outside perspective, the tension in all of us takes on a strange beauty.  This is what I hope to present in my work. In so doing, my wish for the viewer is that they may come in contact with their spiritual self and glimpse at their personal divinity.”  Harper transcends dogmatic religious belief while reaching for a universal experience and realization.  Just as icons of the Byzantine and Russian heritage provided a means of meditation and contemplation, so too, Harper hopes that his work finds a place in peoples homes, and more importantly, has a positive influence throughout their life. “Rather than simply beautifying a living environment, my intention is that the work reaches for a transformation of the body, mind and soul while acting as a focal point in ones life experience.”


ROGUE buddha GALLERY in Vitamn

As part of Vita.mn's 1-Year Anniversary week, we're presenting the Opening Reception for celebrated painter and gallery-owner, Nicholas Harper.

Nicholas has become NE Minneapolis’ rising star, garnishing international attention with his unique gallery programming and curating, which is featured in GQ Magazine this November. Nicholas was also named “one of the top 10 artists to watch” by CNN, and was the recipient of the the “Best Painting” Award at the MN State Fair.

Vita.mn will be giving a way a brand new, commissioned painting at 9pm. Register to win and remember, you must be present on November 16th to win.

November 29th, 2007
@ 6-10pm, free

We at Spout Press are honored to publish the latest work of Kirsten Dierking, one of the Twin Cities' most renowned and beloved poets. Northern Oracle, the highly-anticipated follow-up to One Red Eye, is in stores now. Please stay tuned to SpoutPress.org for more information about the specific release date and debut reading of Northern Oracle. Kirsten's previous book, One Red Eye, was published by Holy Cow Press in 2001. She has received grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board, The Loft Literary Center and the SASE/Jerome Foundation



JON LANGFORD: New Paintings & Prints

OPENING: Friday September 7th @ 6-9 pm 2007
EXHIBIT RUNS: Sept. 7th - Oct. 14th, 2007

Jon Langford returns to the Rogue Buddha gallery for his second exhibition.

Langford’s career has spanned 30 years, beginning in1978 with his band
the Mekon’s. While touring the United States Langford became enamored
with the country music scene and jumped in headfirst. It was at this time
that he began painting again, influenced by the vintage posters he saw in
Nashville. Langford started painting country music stars, presenting them
warts and all. His work exemplifies how modern country music abandoned
its soul for the masses.

Jon will be in attendance at the opening.

Curated by Kevin Quandt



Gronk-Works on Paper from Tandem Press
OPENING: Friday May 11th @ 6-10 pm 2007
EXHIBIT RUNS: May 11th - June 16t

The Rogue Buddha Gallery continues its role in the Northeast arts community of bringing new and challenging work to its gallery. As part of this years Northeast Art-a-Whirl, The Rogue Buddha Gallery is proud to feature  Chicano artist, Gronk. Considered to be the forefather of the Chicano art movement in Los Angeles. Gronk Brings graphic works done at the prestigious Tandem Press, a part of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Influenced by surrealism and German expressionism, Gronk's paintings reflect Chicano traditions while wryly (or ruthlessly) commenting on themes of ethnic identity, high and pop culture, romantic love, and mortality.
A nationally renowned performance artist and painter, Gronk knew from an early age that he wanted to be an artist. "Drawing was as an escape for me - from poverty, from my environment. It was a way of creating new worlds for myself." Several of the prints include depictions of his signature image of "La Tormenta," a solitary figure with her back facing the viewer. A reoccurring theme, this metaphoric figure is ambiguous: sometimes comical, sometimes tragic.

This exhibit is curated by Kevin Quandt

John Largaespada - Romancing Tragedy

OPENING: Friday March 30th @ 7pm, 2007
EXHIBIT RUNS: March 30th – April 29th, 2007

The Rogue Buddha gallery is pleased to announce Romancing Tragedy, an exhibition of digital photographs by Minneapolis artist John Largaespada. John LargaespadaÕs practice is concerned with the human situation as depicted in high western culture. He draws on opera and paintings for the sources of his images. Largaespada photographs objects and costumed people, he then pieces these individual photographs together to create the final image. The end result is a type of assemblage creating a grand tableau. John Largaespada has exhibited locally and nationally. He has received two Jerome Foundation grants and a Minnesota State Arts Board grant, his work is also in the permanent collection of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC. This exhibition is curated by Lonni Ranallo.


OPENING: Friday, Feb 9th, 7pm til late
EXHIBIT RUNS: Feb 9th, 2007 – March 18th, 2007

Gallery 360 announces a show dedicated to the untamed heart and its unbridled passion entitled, 360 Goes Rogue. Thirty-five of Gallery 360’s top artists prepare to unleash the rogue artist within, by creating an original artwork that represents the dark and passionate side lurking within us all. Think black strewn roses, wounded hearts, and a penchant for the long lost love that got away. Join us for the Valentine’s Day party of the year!

Alexandra Rozenman, Matthew Rucker, Jennifer Davis, Dick Brewer, Polly Norman, Yuri Arajs, Al Wadzinski, Denise Abbott, Michael Wong, Barbara Evan, Ruben Nusz, Shannon Bangs, Patrick Pryor, Mary Begherr, Michael Sweere, Kristen Arden, Allen Brewer, Barbara Gilhooly, Max Maddox, Ellen Thomson, Robyn Stoller, Orin Herfindal, Katy Kelly Noun, Nicholas Harper, Danny Saathoff, Jennifer Bong, Matthew Doubek, Jenny Jenkins, David Ekdahl, Kate Van Cleve, Tom Cassidy, Shawn Holster, Peggy Ryan, Maureen Welter



OPENING: Friday, December 15th, 7 - 11pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: Dec 15th, 2006 – Jan 31st, 2007

Ben Olson is among the most riveting artists in Minneapolis. Known for portrait and figurative paintings of himself and wife Emma, Olson opens a door into those moments of human interaction that can be described as nothing less than awkward. Through combining multiple layers of semi-transparent acrylic paint on plywood, Olson leaves us staring wide-eyed into the beautiful, the dramatic and often the bizarre world of relationships. Olson has been published in New American Painting and his work featured in interior design shoots in multiple magazines including Vogue, Paris. This is Olson's first solo exhibit in Minneapolis.

This exhibit is brought to you with the kind support of VITA.MN



OPENING: Friday October 6th, 7 - 11pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: October 6th – November 18th, 2006

Marc Hauser is an internationally celebrated photographer for his dramatic portrait illustrations. Some of his many clients have included Rolling Stone Magazine, Pepsi Co., Ameritech, Arista Records, Microsoft and Playboy just to name a few.

Original photos will include Jimi Hendricks, Jim Morrison, Woody Allen, Michael Jordan and many more.

Marc will be in attendance at the opening!!!


OPENING: Friday, August 4th, 7 - 11pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: Aug 4th – Sept 17th, 2006

Roxana Brizuela's vibrant colors evoke the energetic streets and engaging people of her native Latin America. Her stylized lines and expressive depictions celebrate human interaction and identity with an unabashed joie de vivre.

Brizuela was born in Cuba and currently resides in Costa Rica. The ROGUE buddha GALLERY is particularly proud to present Brizuela's first solo exhibition in the United States.



OPENING: Wednesday February 8th, 7 - 11pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: February 8th – March 18th, 2006

Jon Langford is a founding member of the legendary British rock band the Mekons. A native of South Wales, Langford now lives in Chicago. He continues to play with the Mekons as well as the Chicago band the Waco Brothers. His multi-layered paintings borrow imagery from old country music publicity photos and sheet music. Langford reinterprets these images with a haze of ironic nostalgia.

Jon Langford will be performing his piece "The Executioner's Last Songs" February 10-11 at the Walker Art Center. Langford has created a mordantly beautiful performance work that is a compelling collection of tales and songs on the themes of murder, mob law, and cruel, cruel punishment. Langford takes us on a twisting and witty autobiographical ride that looks unflinchingly at the promises of life and the penalty of death. The performance combines live music, spoken word, his own visual art, and recordings of American roots music. Here he is joined by Sally Timms (Mekons), bassist Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu), violinist Jean Cook, and drummer Dan Massey.

Curated by Kevin Quandt

For more information about the Walker performances:

Listen to the podcast:




OPENING: Friday January 6th, 7 - 11pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: January 6th – February 4th, 2006
FEATURING: Craig Bell, Tighe Clark, Jason Lemkuil, J.L. Hendershot, Susan Heath & Tim O'Toole
Curated by James Hendershot
The Rogue Buddha Gallery presents six artists, who are all virtual strangers. Ranging in backgrounds and artistic mediums, each has created original works for this exhibit in order to express individual interpretations of urbanism.


Thank you to our Sponsors!



Kevin Titzer & Mary Klein

OPENING: Friday December 2nd, 7 - 11pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: December 2nd – January 1st, 2005/06
FEATURING: Kevin Titzer & Mary Klein

Kevin Titzer creates beautiful three-dimensional busts, statuettes and figurines using wood, metal, and other debris found near his home by the Ohio River. A native of Evansville, Indiana, Kevin has been making art for most of his life and has gained great recognition in galleries in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Kevin first started surfacing his work with tin while living in Terra Haute IN. working with a cousin who was a blacksmith. The shop held a surplus of reclaimed ceiling tin from old buildings in the shop. It was this experience that helped Titzer to utilize the materials that where around him. "I still use the ceiling tin and also old candy tins (for more color) and sometimes plastic. Usually the only materials I buy are nails, and acrylic paint (for the heads and hands) - most everything else is recycled."

Mary Klein's vibrant impressionistic paintings capture the elegance and beauty of our immediate surroundings. Working out of doors throughout the Metro area, Mary captures and presents modestly scaled, contemplative works using raw brushwork and great sensitivity. Her landscapes, still life’s and residential scenes burst to life through her use of a rich palette and classical approach to composition.

Mary studied at the Minnesota River School of Fine Arts. She paints daily out of doors (even in the bitter cold with the aid of heating packs) to create her landscapes.



TOM HUCK; The Bloody Bucket
OPENING: Friday September 30th, 7 - 11pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: September 30th – November 12th, 2005

The Rogue Buddha Gallery presents the wildly bizarre world of Tom Huck. His large-scale wood block prints have been compared to Durer, Bosch, and R Crumb. Tom Huck has been working since 2000 on The Bloody Bucket. The Bloody Bucket series is based on a bar of that name, located just outside of his hometown (Potosi), from 1948-51. While growing up, Huck was told the tales of violence and good times had by all at this bar. The series was completed in 2005. The series is a unique tale of violent times gone by in rural southeast Missouri. Each image, printed in Black and white, measures 38" x 52". Tom Huck will be in attendance at the opening



STILL SCAPES and VALKYRY; Michael Thomsen Solo Exhibit

OPENING: Friday August 26th, 7 - 11pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: August 26th – September 25th, 2005
FEATURING: Michael Thomsen

Michael Thomsen is a local Minneapolis painter who describes his work as "treasure maps of the psyche." Thomsen's latest series of paintings combines volatile color with eerie landscapes to capture the darkly playful memories of Thomsen's childhood. These latest works are primarily still-lifes that manifest into dreamscapes, and flow in and out of conscious and unconscious symbolism.


IN THE WINDOW: Photography by Darin Back
ACCENT GALLERY: New and old paintings by Nicholas Harper



NICHOLAS HARPER @ Kellie Rae Theiss Gallery
OPENING: Saturday July 30th, 5 - 8pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: July 30th – September 8th, 2005
Nicholas Harper, painting
Kellie Rae, painting
Tony Berlant, assemblage
Steven Swanson, photography
Michael Bowman, prints

FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE VISIT: www.theissgallery.com



MARKED MEN: Fine art of the Tattooist
OPENING: Friday June 10th @ 7pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: June 10th – July 17th, 2005
FEATURING: Thom deVita, John Wyatt, Nick Bubash, Mike Malone, Don Ed Hardy & Scott Harrison

Beginning in the late 60’s a small group of tattooists began to meld tattooing concepts from Japan, the pacific islands, and America into a singular vision. These traditional designs were reworked to present modern ideals and experiences. By taking this important step they lit the fuse that would ignite the renaissance of tattooing not only in America but also around the world.

These artist were some of the first to bring a fine art sensibility to their work; they saw beyond the stigma of the culture and were able to visualize what it could be. As outsiders they presented their ideas using alternative mediums and placing them on non-traditional surfaces. Thom de Vita creates montage pieces utilizing traditional acetate stencils. Taking rubbings of these stencils and modern tattooing, combines traditional Japanese images with tattoo flash. He creates magnificent paintings on Tyvak and mounted Japanese silk scrolls. Nick Bubash’s work is deeply influenced bu world cultures and religions. The images he creates possess heavy lines and explosions of color, which are expressed in his richly detailed assemblages. Each piece is a kind, fast, click, dark beauty, salted with references to India, Serbo-Croatia, and perhaps Hasidic Judaica! Michael Malone (AKA Rollobanks), the man behind contemporary Flash and the explosion of traditional Tribal images, presents hightly detailed watercolor paintings of originial flash images. John Wyatt has been visiting tattoo shops since the late 1950’s when he got his first tattoo.

For the last 30 years he has been photographing those who get and give tatoos. Scott Harrison is an internationally known tattoo artist, infamous for his bizarre and appalling tattoo design sheets. He presents his beautifully rendered watercolors of traditional images in a bizarre sexually charged world.

OPENING: Friday May 6th @ 7pm
EXHIBIT RUNS: May 6th – June 4th, 2005
FEATURING: Ray Caesar, Digital Prints
Jason D’Aquino, Graphite drawings on found paper
James Cleary, Photo montage on paper
Richly haunting, Upon Further Review presents the narrative work of nationally known artists Caesar and D’Aquino. Their technically brilliant figurative and portrait based works challenge, provke and inspire. Throuhg digital media and graphite they create worlds deserving of contemplation and admiration.
Curated by Queeve/Q Productions

OPENING: Friday March 25th, 2005
$1 Nominal Donation
EXHIBIT RUNS: March 25th – April 30th, 2005
FEATURING: 4-6 foreign vintage motorcycles
Makes and models TBA
Vinatage motorcycle poster prints

OPENING: Friday February 11th, 2005
EXHIBIT RUNS: February 11th – March 19th, 2005
FEATURING: Yuri Arajs, Outsiders and Others
Howard Christopherson, Icebox Gallery
Aldo Moroni, California Street Gallery
Kellie Rae Theiss, Red House Gallery
Alejandro Trujillo, Artrujillo Gallery
Suzy Greenberg, Soo Visual Art Center
Nicholas Harper, Rogue Buddha Gallery

Work of Art is a first of its kind showcase of Minneapolis gallery owners who are also actively participating in making fine art in the mediums of painting, photography, conceptual mixed media and sculpture. This exhibit is meant to be a celebration of their dedication to the Minneapolis arts scene as well as a demonstration of their personal artistic talents. Ranging from the black and white photo portraiture of Howard Christopherson, recently returning from a Japanese photo shoot, to the always thought provoking conceptual works of Suzy Greenberg, the RBG will be presenting one of the most dynamic exhibits of the winter.

Each artist displays great mindfulness in approach and technique, one highly distinctive only to those artists who so frequently are immersed in the business of working with and promoting a wide variety of artworks. This intimacy has both inspired and sometimes frustrated each artist. It is this intimacy with so much artwork and such a varying spectrum of artist, however, that has ultimately elevated their individual work and helped to broaden the Minneapolis arts perspective.


OPENING RECEPTION: Friday January 7th, 7pm
EXHIBITION RUNS: Jan 7th - Feb 5th, 2005
FEATURING: Bonnie Brabson, Peter Brabson & Micheal Wong
IN THE ACCENT GALLERY: Mary Nagel Klein Solo Exhibit

Across today's varied artistic landscape, it is often difficult to identify trends or movements banding artists together. Indeed, no major movements, philosophies or cooperative efforts by artists have branded the last few years with one or two major themes, at least none that have been widely recognized. One reason for the great variety of artwork being presented, however, may be that today's artists seem to have unlimited possibilities at their disposal in terms of media and ideas. The three artists presented in Mixed Media may epitomize the contemporary art world for this very reason. Each artist draws from a wide range of influences and cultural perspectives, all the while appropriating whatever materials he or she deems necessary to present individual experiences to a broader audience. While personal tastes may differ, a scattering of unique expressions can ironically unify the art world, while keeping viewers on their toes as well.

Mary Klein's subtle impressionistic paintings capture the elegance and beauty of our immediate surroundings. Working out of doors throughout the Metro area, Mary captures and presents modestly scaled, contemplative works using raw brushwork and great sensitivity.


There is currently no archived information available prior to 2005. This information will be available in the near future.

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